Social Work Department

Social work Department is an integral part of Akshya Pratisthan which believes in changing lives of students and other who need help. This department provides support and intervention to all the students at the right time, in the right way and with the right results.

The main activities of the department includes:-

  • Individual and group counseling of the students.
  • Parents Counseling.
  • To do home visits of the students, specially the long absentees.
  • To organize camps and awareness programs to find the child with disability from the local areas.
  • To give training to those who comes to Akshya Pratisthan for internship from other colleges and universities and also to offer and supervise their field work.
  • To participate in awareness walk.
  • To conduct awareness workshop in Akshya Pratisthan.

This year 35 interns from various universities received training from the Social work Department of Akshya Pratisthan.

Success Story

Success Story:- Ananya is a child with hearing impairment took admission in Akshya Pratisthan in 2015. When she joined in class Nursery she was unable to express her feelings, neither she could understand what others are saying, but after the thorough intervention of Social Work Department she improved a lot and started involving herself with the class work and interacting with the teachers and class mates. Now she participates in all the class activities and doing extremely well in academics as well as extracurricular activities. She has also learnt sign language and can depict the National anthem in sign language.