Skill Development Training

Akshya Pratisthan has been pioneering skill development programs as an integral part of the rehabilitation initiative since its inception.

This is a matter of huge pride for the School that large numbers of our children have benefitted from these programs as pre-vocational training that would help finding suitable employment in various organizations. The skill development curriculum is conducted by experienced professionals and is planned keeping in view the requirements of the society and the children alike.

Adobe Youth Voices: A partnership between Adobe Foundation and American Indian Foundation works with the students of Akshya Pratisthan to develop unique, breakthrough experiences that ignite a young person’s passion for learning. Students work in DELL connected classrooms to create inspiring videos, animations, photo essays, presentations and posters.

Beauty Culture: Experts in the art of beauty culture train young girls to accomplish perfection in learning the correct techniques of manicures, pedicures, waxing, threading, hair styling and facials. At a nominal fee women from the locality can also enrol for this 3-month course and master these skills to earn a decent living.

Bakery and Cooking: Akshya’s bakery and kitchen encourage both young boys and girls to polish their hand in culinary skills. The cooking class teaches the basics of cooking such as rolling breads, vegetable cutting and cooking, snacks preparation and presentation. The baking class teaches the children to make breads, cookies, cheese straws, bread rolls and cakes. The bakery products are retailed from the school shop daily.

Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring: This is another popular course that helps students and ladies to stitch clothes for themselves and others. They are taught basic stitching, fabric cutting and designing.

Computer Training: Akshya aims to train students to enable them to provide basic quality services in IT. The course is structured between theoretical and practical classes that provide the students with knowledge about computer terminology for various devices, basics of typing, MS office, Internet and email.

Electrical Training: The electrical training unit is male dominated. the students are trained to be experts at household wiring and home appliance repairs.